STEM Summer Camps on Campus!

STEM Summer Camps on Campus!


Students of all ages have been exploring STEM opportunities at the DSU College of Science, Engineering and Technology's summer camp programs







"Building and sustaining an education pipeline to prepare students and fuel our economy..."

STEM education for K-12 kids is growing in the United States, but not quickly enough. Over the next 10 years, the demand for scientists and engineers is expected to increase 4x the rate as other occupations.

We want to help solve this problem by making STEM education a priority by providing kids in southern Utah with above average, hands-on, STEM learning experiences.

We offer over a dozen K-16 STEM summer camps and after-school programs in coding, computer science, math, biology, geology, mechanical engineering and more! Some of the programs include:

Code School

Code School gives high school juniors and seniors, college students and young adults the opportunity to network with local industry leaders. They'll learn JavaScript, databases, web frameworks, and web app development.

Dixie PREP

Dixie PREP gives high-achieving students in grades 6-8 the opportunity to spend the summer preparing for success in school and future careers in STEM fields.


eSMART gives girls going into eighth grade the opportunity to explore their first college experience by spending a week in campus housing while exploring STEM careers during the day.

Coding Zendo

New this year, Coding Zendō gives students the opportunity to code, design, and build their very own AI assistant.

Photo courtesy of Cristina Pasenelli

Through these programs, the kids in our community can acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to fill the coming shortage of workers in STEM fields in our very own backyard. The best part is they have so much fun they don't even realize they’re learning!

Our intention is to pave a way toward higher education in STEM-related subjects and ultimately careers which will fuel the regional labor market.

"We believe if we start with STEM, we can face the future with confidence!"

Although registration for most camps this summer are closed, visit often to find additional free and paid future STEM programs. Have questions? Email or call Cari Heizer at 435.879.4503.