The Center for Inclusion & Belonging: A Student’s Perspective

By Izabella Muñoz, Student Affairs Marketing Intern

Dixie State continues to support students by creating equitable learning opportunities, diverse ways to build connections, and providing spaces where students can develop a sense of belonging. A major area focused on this student support, and making campus feel like a “home away from home,” is the Center for Inclusion and Belonging (formerly the Multicultural and Inclusion Center).

The Center for Inclusion and Belonging (CIB) is designed specifically for you and I as students. The CIB is dedicated to enrolling students from diverse backgrounds to help enrich campus life, offering scholarships to historically underrepresented populations, hosting activities to promote and celebrate cultural identities, and supporting several cultural clubs. All of this to ensure students like us, feel embraced and connected to campus.

How does the CIB make campus feel like a home away from home?

One way is by creating a sense of belonging through campus and community events. One of the most important things the CIB does for students, in my opinion, is the activities they host. They have events where you can learn new dances like the Salsa, attend a Polynesian Luau, or participate in Diversity Week. Not only are you learning to embrace different cultures, but you are meeting friends and creating memories at the same time!

The CIB also makes campus feel like a “home away from home” by creating safe spaces for students to thrive in their identity. The amazing staff do this through their accessibility to students, fostering connections for students who share identity and cultural spaces, and through engagement with the Multicultural & Inclusion Student Association (MISA). The CIB aims to support any marginalized student population, including:

  • Lantinx/DACA students
  • African American/Black Students
  • LGBTQ+ students
  • Female students
  • AAPI students
  • Indigenous/Native students

When asked why the Center for Inclusion and Belonging is so important for students, Mike Nelson, Assistant Director of the Center for Inclusion and Belonging shared, “I believe that every person’s unique experiences help to enrich campus life. The diversity of our student body is a beautiful tapestry that creates the Trailblazer fabric. Our center is open to ALL students and is a great place to find meaningful connections and share your own cultural identity.”

I know college can be hard, but to make any college feel like home you have to get involved and find your community on campus. That’s why the Center for Inclusion and Belonging was made for YOU! So go visit the CIB in the Browning Building, go to the MISA activities, learn about someone’s background, and make new friends!

To learn more about what the Center for Inclusion and Belonging can do for you visit or stop by in Browning 2nd floor!