Dixie State University Students Participate in IRS Adrian Project

By Jake Harber

When you think of the IRS, you probably think of audits, taxes, or even stimulus checks. Most people don’t really think of the IRS as criminal investigators – but for the IRS Criminal Investigation division, investigating criminals is a daily (if you didn’t catch that from the name).

Dixie State University students recently worked with IRS special agents in a mock scenario to gather evidence, arrest, and convict someone of tax evasion as part of the Adrian Project, a hands-on experience that provides students with a glance at the life of an IRS special agent.

Students at Dixie State work to¬† “arrest” a suspect of tax evasion at the IRS Adrian Project on campus.

Thanks to the efforts of Cindy Greenman, associate professor of accounting, and Rochelle Blatter, senior career counselor, this opportunity was brought to Dixie State’s campus. “The Adrian Project offers a look at a day in the life; it’s a great way for students to see if being an agent is a good fit for them,” said Rochelle Blatter. “We have students here that are accounting majors, criminal justice majors, and a lot of other majors. It’s an opportunity to apply what you learn in class.”

IRS CI Adrian Project Comes to DSU

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“We have over 20 special agents here,” said Ryan Miggin, graduate assistant for Dr. Greenman. “This is a big event, it doesn’t happen often.”

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