Utah Tech University Symphonic Band works with non-profit in Baja Mexico

By Kaylee Cluff

During the 2022 Spring Break, members of the UT Symphonic Band traveled to Baja Mexico. Under the direction of Dr. Bryant Smith, the group partnered with A Childs Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps support orphanages around the world.

The band members lived on-site for a week at an orphanage in Mexico where they did humanitarian construction projects, interacted with the orphans, and learned about Mexican culture.



Most important were their performances. Students in the band performed at three orphanages during their stay. During their performances, students would let the children touch the instruments letting them experience the sounds up close.

“It was really fun to be able to teach [the orphans] a little bit and have them interact with music in a way that they haven’t before. That was my favorite part, just teaching the orphans” said Brooklyn Webb a Freshman percussionist.

The band also performed at a community soccer game that the children were playing in, which allowed the students to engage in the local community and culture and cheer on the children playing.

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“It opened my mind and changed my perspective on the world and how much I am grateful for what I have. It was so fun to see the kids and to share music with the kids, and to share our instruments with them” said Aysha Johnson a Junior, clarinet player