6 Reasons why to Attend UT’s Student Job Fair and Business Expo

By Brooke Ulrich

Utah Tech University Career Services holds an annual student job fair and business expo at the beginning of fall semester. Attending the event is the perfect way to start the year. Students, employers, and community resources all come together for one common goal at the job fair…TO HELP STUDENTS!

Employers are looking to hire YOU! Come prepared to network, make a great impression and find a JOB!

Register though Handshake at utahtech.joinhandshake.com

In just a moment or two, we came up with six great reasons why attending this event is a good idea.

  • Money, Money, Money!

Need a job? This is the perfect place to find a job with an employer who is already aware that you are a student and is willing to work with a student’s crazy schedule. Conveniently, you will be able to rub shoulders with local employers who are interested in hiring students and sometimes they even hire you on the spot!

  • To help you to be Career Ready!

Come see who the big corporate players are in the Southern Utah area. You may not be ready to commit to be a long-term resident of St. George quite yet, but grabbing some swag from SkyWest airlines isn’t a bad idea, right? Even though an internship fair is set for the near future at the end of September, some of the businesses at the fair are already looking for interns. So if you are interested in interning and to get ahead of the game, feel free to bring that up in conversation! By the time you are a senior at Utah Tech, you will be looking for an opportunity to practice the skills you have acquired in class before you officially enter the workforce. Attending the fair may help you set goals of which corporation you may want to land an internship at in a year or two.

  • It’s not what you know, but who you know.

Connection, connection, connection! Friends, it’s time to acknowledge that meeting people in person is extremely powerful. I think we all learned a lot during the long and dreary months of COVID quarantine. We found that in-person communication reigns. If you attend the job fair, you could connect with future employers or other key players that could influence your success at the University and beyond. “These types of events are so exciting for students, especially those that might be new to the area or want to see what the community has to offer,” said Ashley Christensen, a junior majoring in Pre-Nursing from Riverton, Utah. “I am looking forward to attending,” she continued.

  • Experience the Community Culture

“This event is a great way for students and community members to connect,” said Interim Director of Career Services, Shane Blocker. “The Student Job Fair not only will benefit those looking to hire and get hired but we have added the Business Expo aspect to give students opportunities to connect with local businesses including banks, internet services, and others that provide resources for our students.”

  • Check some things off your list!

Moving means that you may need a local bank or to sign up for other local services. At the fair, you will have access to local businesses, banks, internet service providers…etc that will help you conveniently mark a few thing off of your “to do” list!

  • Hire a rockstar or two

If you own a local business that is currently short-handed, connecting with the nearly 12,000 students on the Utah Tech campus is a great idea! You will get to meet students who are seeking immediate employment. For more information on how to attend the student job fair as an employer, visit the Handshake registration page. Don’t worry, exhibitors can choose a hiring or a non-hiring booth option. Interview spaces are not provided; however, feel free to book interviews with attendees at your convenience.

For more information about the job fair or other related events, go to career.utahtech.edu. For assistance, please contact Career Services at 435.652.7737.

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