Utah Tech University Alumna Accepted Into NCIS

By Jake Harber

When most people hear “NCIS,” they usually think of the hit action drama on CBS. Most don’t realize that the NCIS, or Naval Criminal Investigative Service, is an actual federal agency specializing in investigating criminal activities involving the Navy and Marine Cops. Kylee Newsome, a recent graduate from Utah Tech University, found inspiration in the show she grew up watching with her grandpa and after years of pursuing her dream, was accepted into NCIS at the beginning of May.

Knowing she wanted to do something similar to what the show entailed, Kylee began researching NCIS and found out that it wasn’t as glamorous as the show made it out to be. Kylee still found a deep interest in the agency and started off her education with forensic biology. Kylee soon discovered she didn’t want to specialize in that particular field, switching her major to criminal justice with an emphasis in digital defense and security and a minor in psychology.

After a six-month application process, Kylee recently found out that she was accepted into NCIS, achieving her lifelong dream. Of course, one of the first people she told was her grandfather, with whom she had spent so much time watching the show.

Kylee says that to get where she’s gotten, it requires a lot of talking to people and reaching out. She’s had to put herself out there and find somebody who would take her to the next step. Kylee credits Mark Spooner, director of the Digital Forensics Crime Lab at Utah Tech University, and says he’s a big part of why she was able to do everything she did in college.

“All of my teachers have been extremely helpful and very understanding,” Kylee said. “I wouldn’t be here without them. The program I was in and the internship that I had… Mark takes his students and gives them opportunities. He takes them to conferences around the country, and he has connections that will help out.”


Apart from being involved in the Utah Tech Digital Forensic Crime Lab internship, Kylee also spent six weeks at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences exploring their forensic sciences program and piloting a student exchange program between Utah Tech and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, as well as going to several conferences, which has been a big boost towards her getting this job with NCIS.

“I’m so excited, I’m very grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see where this takes me.”

Kylee’s next step in her journey is heading to Glynco, Georgia, at the beginning of July to begin a five-month training program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, then she’ll head to San Diego, California, to begin her work.