New Summer Camps for High School Students

New Summer Camps for High School Students

By Cari Heizer

The College of Science, Engineering, and Technology is pleased to introduce three innovative, new camps for high school students to participate in this summer.  The camps, led by DSU faculty and STEM interns, will provide students an active learning experience while exploring new and exciting career paths.  Register today at to take advantage of early-bird pricing.

Coding Zendō

June 10 - 14

Learn to build and code a personal home assistant.  Connect to the internet, interface with social media, play music, control your world with a device designed and built by you, for you.  Students will keep what they make.  Interest in computers a must, but no experience necessary.

Dixie CryptoCamp

June 21-22

Learn the basics of classical and modern mathematical cryptography in a hands-on, applied setting. Students will learn to write code to both set up and to break examples of both private-key and public-key cryptosystems. Students will also learn how recent exciting advances in quantum computing are expected to change the world of cryptography, and they will receive a brief introduction to the new and exciting world of post-quantum cryptography. Finally, they will learn about possible career paths for those interested in mathematical cryptography and information security.

P.O.P. Rocks

June 11 – 14

P.O.P. Rocks is a hands-on, interactive camp designed to get college-bound high school students in the lab and in the field to explore the physical and organic properties of the rocks and water in our beautiful local environment. In the field, students will explore local geological sites and local rivers to gather samples. These samples will be brought back to DSU’s laboratory for students to test and analyze using laboratory equipment and techniques used not only in collegiate chemistry—but also in industry! We encourage all high school students looking to study geology, chemistry or environmental science at Dixie State University or elsewhere to join us in P.O.P. Rocks!

In addition to our new camps, we will once again be offering Code School, Gene Girls, and Mechanical Engineering Camp programs.  Information on all of our STEM programs is available at or email