DSU Film and Theatre Students Film T.V. Series in Ireland

By Kaylee Cluff, PR Intern

Not many students can say they spent their summer in the remote south-west part of Ireland working as part of a professional film crew for a television series.

Sixteen students and five faculty lived, worked, and became immersed in the Irish country side while filming a television series called “Groundbreaking”.

Students taking part in this experience were immersed in this hands-on opportunity, taking on roles of professional film and crew teams. These students worked on a professional film set with deadlines, professional actors, wardrobes, challenges, budgets, etc. They lived together, bonded, played games and were able to explore the new scenery they were in.

The picture-perfect views of Ireland were not all they seemed to be when trying to shoot a movie. Rain, wind, and freezing temperatures made for a truly memorable experience where students needed to adapt to their surroundings.

Kreigh Carter, a Dixie State faculty member on the trip, shared “It was pretty tough on a lot of people, it was not an easy shoot by any means. But, because of that we had to lean on each other a little bit more than we would have, if it was comfortable and easy.”

Incoming sophomore Kayla Underhill, echoed the overall toughness of the shoot but added “Everyday everyone was motivated to put in the work. We of course had days where people were upset or stressed but, people did not give up and it was amazing to experience.”Underhill was the youngest on set, and had never taken a film class before applying to be an intern for the Ireland shoot.

“I had to learn everything from the very beginning, everyone else already had experience with the positions. Starting from scratch was definitely a challenge.”

Underhill was encouraged by program director Patrick Smith to apply for the opportunity. With that encouragement, she took a leap of faith and applied, resulting in a month-long experience in the lush Irish countryside.

She stated she was surprised she was chosen for the trip with her limited experience but feels the trip was truly a life-changing experience and is excited to take her new knowledge into the classroom and continue learning about film.

Dixie State University’s “active learning. active life.” way of teaching encourages and creates platforms for students to be engaged in both the classroom, and surrounding community. Preparing students to thrive not only while attending DSU but in all future endeavors and careers.

Photo and Film student Jordan Palmer was also able to attend the Ireland trip and feels “There is no better example of active learning than the Ireland trip.”

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