DSU Student, Tera Petereit takes 1st place in the 2021 Rebelle Rally Race!

By Allie Garrow

Dixie State University’s nursing student Teralin Petereit took home first place in the 2021 Rebelle Rally race for the 4×4 class.

The Rebelle Rally is a week-long event which covers 2,500 kilometers of stunning terrain across the Nevada and California desert. With no cell phones or GPS, this eight-day competition is the ultimate challenge of precise navigation as competitors race against their own knowledge to accurately find hidden checkpoints in a timely fashion using only a map, compass, and roadbook.

“It’s a battle of strategy, time management, and being consistent,” says Tera. “One of the most sickening feelings is when you get lost and don’t know where you are. You might have one road on your map, but there’s 500 roads staring at you out there.”

The mission of the Rebelle Rally is to elevate women across the globe, at home, and to make a positive impact in their communities – from empowering girls and women, to caring for the environment. The Rebelle Rally is open to all women across the globe, interested in pushing their navigation skills to the next level.

“There’s some stay-at-home mom’s, some lawyers, CEO’s of power innovation companies, it’s such a variety of people that come together with like-minded interest,” says Tera.

The Rebelle Rally encourages women from all backgrounds to take the positive lessons learned on the rally and apply them to their daily lives to those around them – the lessons of knowing your north star, navigating your journey, teamwork, leadership. These lessons, combined with confidence, competence and community are the cornerstones of the Rebelle and can have profound impact on the lives Rebelles touch.

For Tera, the Rebelle Rally is unlike any typical race. The core and heart of Rebelle women is to provide support to each other along their own race and journey.

“Everyone helps each other the whole way. We want everyone to do well. You don’t laugh at someone when you notice they have a flat tire, you stop, you help them put on their tire, and move forward together.”

Along with Tera’s determination to race, her desire to earn her nursing degree at Dixie State University is equally important. Her encouragement to pursue your dreams is exceptionally inspiring and can be applied throughout any of life’s 500 roads.

“Do it! Everyone has an excuse and a reason – such as it’s hard and it’s expensive, and you don’t have the time. -Just find a way. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Turn to your community. It will be worth it and you won’t regret it. Start somewhere and make it happen!”