DSU Student Erik Hughes earns Global Scholar Award

By Minta Wilcox

Erik Hughes is the first student at Dixie State University to receive the Global Scholar Award. The award was created last year by the DSU Global Engagement Committee to recognize students who incorporate global studies to further enrich their education.

From Fall 2018 to Spring 2019, Erik studied at Meijo University in Japan, as part of an exchange program through DSU Study Abroad. “I learned so much about the Japanese culture and their way of life. There are things that I adopted that I still use to this day.”

Dr. Michael Cartmill, Director of Global Education at DSU, says,“The purpose of the award is to encourage as well as reward students who purposely go out and make globalization and internationalization part of their degree and studies here at DSU. It’s not easy to achieve, so it really shows the commitment of the student who qualifies for this award.”

Giving students the opportunity to have these cultural experiences is a huge reason why the DSU Global Engagement Committee created the Global Scholar Award. They hope that the award will encourage students to take these opportunities. The award is not only offered to students who attend semester-long exchange programs, but also to students who participate in a short-term summer study abroad programs. The DSU Global Engagement Committee hopes that the Global Scholar Award shows students that participating in study abroad programs, or becoming involved in global issues while at DSU can enrich their education in a way no other program can and influence the rest of their lives.

In Erik’s experience, he was not only affected by Japanese culture, but also by the cultures of other international students. He shared,“There were also students from France, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, and many other countries that I interacted with and had the chance to learn about their cultures. I think this knowledge about cultures is the most valuable thing I learned during my time spent in Japan.”

The DSU Global Engagement Committee wants to encourage students to consider global studies when it comes to their education, as it is an amazing way to have these new cultural experiences, and lifelong memories, as well as an amazing resume builder. The committee also wishes to congratulate Erik on all his hard work and dedication he put into earning this award, and also on his graduation from DSU this semester.

If a student is interested in the award, but is unable to attend one of these programs there are still options for them to participate without travel. Such as, having their Senior Capstone based on global issues, completing an international internship, or studying a foreign language to completion of the 3060-college level.

For more information about study abroad programs please visit studyabroad.utahtech.edu