Utah Tech University Blaze Dance Team Makes History at the USA National Finals

By Grayce Payne

Utah Tech University’s Blaze Dance Team recently made history at the USA National Finals competition as they were the only collegiate team to medal in both of their categories. The team placed second in Jazz and third in Hip Hop.   

The team dedicated hundreds of hours toward learning their routines and preparing for the competition, which required them to have an immense love for the sport along with a lot of heart. Unlike many of their competitors, the Blaze Dance Team didn't have an entire season to prepare for the competition because the team serves as one of the main forms of entertainment for two sports, football and basketball.   

Head Coach Kori Esplin

“My main purpose this year was to instill in them the belief that they accomplish anything they set their hearts and minds to. It was really special to see them overcome so much and be able to end up doing and performing their very best.”

Despite facing some adversity during Nationals due to low judges’ scores on Saturday of the competition, the team rallied together and spent the entire night and next morning adjusting their routine to ensure it aligned more with what the judges were looking for.  

“I’ve been so proud of the monumental success of this program and this team,” Esplin said.  

As the team grows and continues to work hard and dream big, they hope to earn a national title at next year’s competition.