Utah Tech University student body holds 2023 elections

By Jake Harber

In March, the Utah Tech student body held the 2023 Student Body Elections. Utah Tech’s students elected Jose Toral-Martinez as its new student body president, along with Aileigh Hansen as vice president of academics and Evie Barfuss as vice president of clubs & organizations.


Toral-Martinez, center, with Hansen, left, and Barfuss, right

Over campaign week, the candidates found themselves on Utah Tech’s campus answering questions, meeting students and making friends, and discussing the needs of the University.


Student Body President

As the newly elected student body president, Toral-Martinez has said he wants to improve diversity representation, increase student involvement, and provide an open-door policy. He also stated that he wants to be an advocate for everyone on campus, including not only the student body and leaders but the staff as well.


Vice President of Academics

Hansen wants to continue the Welcome Home initiative, create more transparency in the decision-making processes that affect students directly, focus on community relationships, help transfer students and incoming freshmen create graduation plans, and form new partnerships with local businesses to help provide students with opportunities in their fields of study.


Vice President of Clubs & Organizations

Barfuss focused on the characteristics of honey bees, giving her theme the name “Beecome”. Based off of the behaviors of honey bees, Barfuss said that she wants clubs to become a place where everyone feels welcome and the attributes of teamwork and a family-like structure are applied.

The remaining members of the executive council will be appointed later this month.

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