New Incident Command & Campus Resilience Trailer better prepares UT for Emergencies

By Josh Thayn

Utah Tech University Safety & Risk Management Department unveiled its new Incident Command & Campus Resilience Trailer at the 4th of July concert and firework show. The unique trailer will help the campus community mobilize for incident command, emergency management operations, police services and public health support. Interoperable, the trailer can be deployed in various types of emergencies, crisis, special events and other support service situations.

The Incident Command & Campus Resilience Trailer is an innovative platform designed for real-world use that’s easy to tow, set up, operate, clean and maintain. No matter what emergency or special event operations we may face, the IC&CR Trailer is built to be versatile and fit our needs.

Emergency Manager Sonja Blea explains that the 20-foot trailer features a 9500w dual fuel power generator, climate control and work stations for 5 to 8 command and control personnel. It has Internet access, computer hookups, a printer, break station and radio chargers for communication and field operations. A roll-out canopy can increase outside staffing and built-in light supports assist with larger-scale events and night operations. As campus need expands, future growth opportunities within the trailer include phone lines, HAM radio, satellite communications, drone surveillance and intelligence TV monitoring.

Secondarily, the trailer can be used for campus safety and health resiliency. For example, it can serve as a Point of Distribution for life-saving supplies, a medical testing and vaccination site and assist with educational and event operations.

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