Chuckwalla Trail, St. George, Utah

By McKinley Hatch

Hi Trailblazers!

For hike #2 of our summer series, Jake Harber and Lauren Longpr√© set foot on the Chuckwalla Trail in St. George, Utah. This trail is less than 10 minutes away from Utah Tech University’s campus, which made it really easy for these Trailblazers to get a quick morning hike in for the day. This trail is super easy and dog-friendly…

Meet MJ!

MJ, the cutest dog you’ll ever meet, could basically be nicknamed Brooks since he was blazin’ all of the trails. Several other hikers out on the trail had their fur babies tagging along too.

Stunning Views & Easy Hike

What sets Chuckwalla Trail apart is its accessibility. Chuckwalla Trail welcomes hikers of all skill levels, and if you’re feeling extra, you can bring your mountain bike to this trail. With its relatively short distance and manageable terrain, it’s the perfect outing for beginners, families, and four-legged friends alike.

We saw a desert tortoise

One of the highlights of the hike was encountering a happy surprise along the way: a desert tortoise. Jake and Lauren couldn’t see the tortoise at first, because it blended in with some large red cliffs. As they were off the trail exploring, they found it and watched it walk for a few minutes. MJ wasn’t sure how to feel about the tortoise encounter at first, but slowly warmed up to the idea. Near the end of the encounter, MJ and the tortoise were friends from a distance.

Get Your Hiking Boots On and Head to This Trail

The Chuckwalla Trail was nothing short of incredible. With beautiful red rocks, views of the city, and tortoise spotting, Lauren and Jake hit the jackpot this week! The 1.7 mile out-and-back trail is one our Trailblazers will be going back to. Head over to Chuckwalla Trail with your besties, fur babies or otherwise, and enjoy the beautiful landscape that we get to call home right here in Southern Utah.